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Jonas Quinn

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Name:Jonas Quinn
Birthdate:Nov 5
Website:Jonas Quinn @ TR Wiki

Jonas Quinn is a young man from the nation of Kelowna, on the planet that would become known as Langara. He looks just like any human with a lithe build, light brown hair and green eyes, but does in fact have a slightly different genetic code. He's usually seen with a brilliant smile on his face and eating something.

 - green military issue pants
 - green military issue canvas belt
 - black military issue t-shirt
 - black military issue socks
 - black military issue boots
 - black boxer briefs
 - gold ring on left middle finger of Kelownan design

 - one staff weapon blast wound to the right side and arm, while the left has multiple small fractures and slight nerve damage
 - one staff weapon dropped beside him

Jonas comes from the season 7 episode Homecoming of the television show Stargate SG-1

Jonas Quinn belongs to MGM Worldwide Television Productions and Corin Nemec belongs to himself. This is just a roleplaying journal for [community profile] the_blank_slate
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